Our Lawyers

David C. Moulds

David MouldsI know you came to this page to learn a little about me.  But in truth, it’s about you.  You want someone to represent your interests zealously, honestly, and competently.  I promise to do just that. 

Large Businesses and Small

I successfully represent hundreds of companies of all sizes – from sole proprietorships to some of the world’s largest privately owned businesses. I maintain a vibrant construction law practice representing owners, general contractors, specialty contractors, suppliers, architects, engineers and developers. A typical construction cases for me arises out of a commercial or public works construction project and involves a range of disputes over payment, performance, delays, change orders, extra work, lost productivity, mechanics liens, bond claims and contract disputes.  It would be my pleasure help you resolve your next business or construction related challenge.  Give me a call or send me an email at David@MouldsLaw.com.  

U.S. Air Force – Aim High

David is an Air Force Colonel who enhances his legal talents with years of management and leadership experience on an international scale.  As a member of the White House staff, David conducted sensitive, high-level negotiations regarding presidential travel that required the cooperation of the staffs of heads of state, the U.S. State Department, the Presidential Travel Office, the Secret Service, the media and local law enforcement agencies.  As an Air Force pilot and squadron commander, he directed flight operations during his unit’s most intense flying commitment – the Persian Gulf Conflict.  He also pioneered the concept development, design, and ultimate execution of the world’s largest air defense training exercise – Operation Roving Sands.  His leadership, experience, and hands-on approach to legal representation help his clients resolve business disputes in the fastest, most economical way possible.

Tara L. Moulds

Tara MouldsOn this page, you are supposed to read all about how Tara has done amazing things in her life! How she scaled Mount Everest in less than 20 minutes! How she invented dirt so farmers could feed the world! How she is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!  Well, while those things may not be true, she is a great lawyer who has dedicated her career to helping people. And that is pretty super.

Who Helps You? She Does.

If you care to know some details, aside from the Mount Everest-type fantasies above, Tara is Of Counsel to the Moulds Law Firm and Jeffery’s wife.  She has represented individuals, businesses, governments and one of the largest grocery store chains in the country.  Her past experiences allows her to find creative, practical solutions to your problems. 

Talk To Tara

You can reach Tara at Tara@MouldsLawyers.com or you can call her. Just give her a chance to drink a cup of coffee or two before you call in the morning. If you do, the call will go better.

Jeffery D. Moulds

Jeffery MouldsFor many people, meeting with a lawyer ranks right up there with root canals, IRS audits and public speaking. It’s just not something that they want to do. And who can blame them? It has been said that there are only three lawyer jokes. The rest are all true stories.

Rest Easy, The Lawyer is Anxious Too

The lawyer you are talking to is probably anxious too. Someone with real, life-changing problems has come to them for help. A good lawyer desperately wants to help and is anxious to do so. Why? Because that is what this job is all about… helping people.

The Key to Getting Help

Find the lawyer that is right for you. Talk to them and learn about them to see if he or she is a good fit for you. To help you decide if Jeffery is right for you, he bases his client relationships on: Doing good work. Helping people. Being social.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find a lawyer who is social, helpful and does good work. If this type of relationship sounds good to you, give Jeffery a call. Or, you can send him an email at Jeffery@MouldsLaw.com. He is always happy to help you if he can.

True Stories – Not Lawyer Jokes

Jeffery is Of Counsel to the Moulds Law Firm and David’s son.  Over the years, Jeffery has represented and advised clients in connection with a wide-variety of legal matters including contracts, construction, liens, collections, bankruptcy and corporate law.  He is admitted to practice law in all of Georgia’s trial and appellate Courts, as well as the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.  He is also a certified civil mediator.